Master the Art of
Self Preservation.

Yoga & Meditation Practice.
Maternal & Emotional Wellness Support.


Receive tools and guidance to support you on your journey through life, love & motherhood. 

    Let’s Start Here…


    I’m TaKisha

    I’m a mama, Doula, Therapeutic Perinatal Yoga Teacher and Women’s Health Educator with a passion for helping women trust their intuition, the transformative power of pregnancy and birth, and the journey toward intergenerational healing.

    You know…totally surface level type stuff. 

    With a deep commitment to holding safe spaces, I share the tools, practices and rituals that have supported my own healing journey in womanhood and in my mothering body; and teach women, like you, how to unlock the sacred tools within you to listen, heal and ultimately trust your body like never before. 

    Choosing healing for yourself, is choosing wholeness for the generations that flow from you!

    Are you ready?