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Hold space for yourself.

Hold space for yourself.
Yoga for your real life + body.

Is your busy mind getting in the way of your work, mothering, or pleasure?

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    The world as we know it will never be the same. You can feel it in your bones. Perhaps your shoulders are tense and, despite plenty of hours asleep, you still wake up feeling groggy, unmotivated and wanting clarity on what comes next. And your dreams…are they wild or more vivid than before? Yeah…

    Your body knows the truth.

    You are holding something within you that must be birthed.
    And you need space to do it.

    As women, we hold the necessary component for creation within our wombspace. It is a power that is diluted by culture and buried with the shame that can come with pleasure. Whether you’re growing a human, a dream or the vision of your ancestors, your life is a movement. 


    I’m TaKisha

    I’m a mama, Doula, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and Women’s Health Educator with a passion for helping women trust their intuition, the transformative power of pregnancy and birth, and the journey toward intergenerational healing. 

    You know…totally surface level type stuff. 

    With a deep commitment to holding safe spaces, I share the tools, practices and rituals that have supported my own healing journey in womanhood and in my mothering body; and teach women, like you, how to unlock the sacred tools within you to listen, heal and ultimately trust your body like never before. 

    the key to healing is in your womb!

    are you ready to reclaim your power?

    Let’s Start Here…