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Feminine Form Wellness & Mentorship for Mothering Bodies

The Art of Self preservation™ methodology

Combining a 20+ year career in storytelling and writing with advanced psychological study, extensive birthworker experience and more than 1k hours of trauma-informed movement and wellness training I’ve developed a transformational method of healing and calling our power back. In doing, we can move with and transmute inherited traumas and attachment wounds to live a well-boundaried and emotionally balanced life.

Mastering “the art of self preservation™” is the first step toward community care and intergenerational healing. That when we move our bodies and put our words on paper we have the power to heal and transmute inherited and felt traumas. And that when our bodies are freed up to feel and love fully, we have unfiltered access to our creativity and capacity to heal others in our homes and through our work.

Hi, I’m takisha.

With a deep commitment to holding safe spaces, I share the tools, practices and rituals that have supported my own healing journey in womanhood and in my mothering body. In my home, community and virtual studio, I teach women, like you, how to unlock the sacred tools within you to listen, heal and ultimately trust your body like never before. My specific expertise in perinatal and maternal wellness helps me support womb-bearing bodies through the spiritually transformational thresholds of maiden and mother, birthing and becoming, sacred endings and new beginnings. And it is my greatest honor to move alongside my energetic inheritance as a daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of healers, spiritual teachers and birth keepers.

I welcome you and bow deeply to every story and lineage you represent. 


work with takisha:

TaKisha is an excellent coach and leader. Her intuitive feedback and guidance have helped me shift out of stagnancy and into new levels of thriving; and her variety of talents act as a toolbox she utilizes to connect and understand the subtleties of almost any situation, fear, or roadblock. At the core of her work is profound compassion, secure boundaries, and a heartfelt desire to see you thrive.

Michele S.

Founder, Studio 111

My labor started with the hospital ruling out preeclampsia and I was so stressed and scared (and my BP showed it!). I listened to your recordings nonstop and within an hour, my BP had lowered back to normal and I felt way more grounded and safe. You were such an angel thank you so much.

Christine C.

Prenatal Client


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