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The idea of new technology or tools can be intimidating for me, so I am so excited about how easy and accessible supporting the health of myself and my son, as well as working with Healy with my clients, has been. If you’ve been seeking, praying or asking for an answer to your health challenges or have been calling in an income opportunity, this may be the response you’ve been looking for.  Either way, poke around and check out the videos and resources below. 


 Check out this article all about HEALY.Learn about MagHealy & shifting the energy in your physical environment.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine series w/ Dr. Michele Patrick and Taryn Lee:

This was the learning series that helped me realized the very necessary and practical use of the device for both myself and my own clients and friends. It speaks to incorporating diet and lifestyle along with frequency medicine to support our health through a TCM lens. Check out my favorites from the series:




*Disclaimer: The links shared for obtaining your own device are my affiliate links from which I would receive a commission when you purchase. Should you choose to make Healy your business, you would become part of my network of leaders and healers and will receive mentorship from me in growing your business.

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