Soulful support for mothering bodies.

In Momkynd we’re honoring the sacred body of the mother…and the transformational power of motherhood.

Support from a Doula & Wellness Professional

Feel more confident about your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Yoga & Meditation

Prepare your body for a blissful, mobile and empowered birth experience as well as heal optimally during postpartum.


Connect with other new and expectant mothers of various levels of experience and establish new friendships and support from women who understand your journey. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women and mothers master the art of graceful transitions, both inside their bodies and wherever they take up space in the world. Each gathering, breath, and movement collaborates to honor the body of the mother, and the sacred art of motherhood. 

“There is a more powerful version of yourself waiting to be birthed with your baby, and a warrior that lives within you as you mother.”

— TaKisha August (Founder)

Holding space for you.

Momkynd was created to provide support and guidance to women and mothers who seek to honor who they truly are in the world and create a new story around their pregnancy, their birth, and how they show up as mothers. You are not alone…


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Postpartum Nourishment Starter Kit.

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