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The Art of

self preservation™

Strengthening Self-Trust from the Stories Held in Your Body

My signature 90-minute experiential workshop combining live teaching, yoga, somatic practices, meditation and purge emotional writing.

So WHAT is Self Preservation?

self-pres·er·va·tion /ˈˌself ˌprezərˈvāSHən/ noun
The basic human instinct to keep yourself safe from physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

This workshop is dedicated to your re-membering, your immeasurable joy, and the cultivation of the most grounded, focused, turned on version of you.

Birth & Postpartum


From the moment you discovered you were pregnant you may have experienced a varying collection of emotions. This sacred journey into motherhood can be full of excitement, uncertainty, and overwhelm. With coaching and childbirth education, you can receive empowering education about your pregnancy journey, tips and tools for navigating labor and birth, and guidance as you move through the first days, weeks and years of new motherhood.


Prenatal yoga Series

Becoming is a 6-week series led in an intimate virtual group setting to allow for deeper connection and personal attention to each participant. Classes are dedicated to exploring the journey through pregnancy to birth with lectures, practices of yoga and movement, and meditation. These classes will provide a space for you to cultivate an intimate relationship with a wonderful community of mothers and a more intimate relationship with yourself.


in circle

In Circle is a 12-week postpartum support group led by doula and teacher, TaKisha August. The circle provides an intimate virtual gathering of new mothers seeking support, sisterhood and information about how to navigate the sacred postpartum window and feel more confident within every new day as a mother and within your mothering body. From nursing, nutrition, movement, intimacy and beyond, no topic is off the table as we hold loving, safe and nonjudgemental space for you to explore all of who you are as a woman and mother.

Grounded in community, Alive is an intimate group coaching experience that was born from a desire for every woman to have such an unshakable relationship with her authentic self, that nothing can break her down or keep her small.

Cultivate a more intimate relationship with who you truly are at any stage of motherhood, and find yourself carving out more meaningful space for a home practice that brings you more peace, joy and awakens your excitement for  life…all while connecting with other like-minded women in a safe loving virtual space.

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