It is my honor to share with you my brand new podcast: Stay with Takisha August.

When I became pregnant with my son many years ago, I was surprised by how little I knew about my body.

But I found myself completely amazed by a new fierceness that was arising from deep within. My boundaries become unapologetic, my creativity expansive, and my intuition was stronger than I ever knew it could be. However, learning to harness these enhanced gifts while navigating family dynamics, a romantic partnership, my career in marketing and the intense identity shift that met me as I entered into motherhood was no easy journey…and it wasn’t until I found community that I discovered that I wasn’t alone.

Join me each week as we cultivate a community of our own and have honest conversations with experts in pregnancy, womb health, postpartum fitness, parenting, yoga, ayurveda, nutrition and so much more that will help you to know, love and trust yourself more each day. 

This podcast is dedicated to our collective healing, to honoring our bodies as sacred vessels and to learning how to stay with our feelings, our hearts and our intuition when it matters most.

So please subscribe and tune in every monday for new episodes.

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