12-Week 1:1 Prenatal,


From the moment you discovered you were pregnant your world was different. Everything in your energetic and physical plane of existence is impacted by the transformative experience of pregnancy and the expectation of stepping into motherhood. 

One of the most important steps from the moment of first discovery, is to consider and create a support network. Whether you seek the support of a midwife, an obstetrics doctor, an acupuncturist, or a doula, having a wellness coach is beneficial for helping you to not only birth a healthy baby, but for you to be birthed into motherhood feeling well, empowered, and supported. 

What’s in it for you (and baby)?

During our time together over the course of 12 weeks, you will receive the wisdom I have gained as a doula, yoga instructor, meditation guide and Ayurvedic health coach over the last 7 years. 

Month 1 – Our first session will be the longest, as we journey through a full Ayurvedic intake (about 90 minutes). This will lay the groundwork for the support, tools and guidance shared with you during your pregnancy, as we build a healthy foundation for your body and baby to grow from.

Month 2 – Here we will focus on birth preparation, education, your body’s experiences, and the tools that will enable you to release the things that would inhibit your empowered birth experience. 

Month 3 – Partner work and postpartum preparation. We will explore topics related to communication, creating your support nest, and developing a plan for nourishment in the postpartum period. 

Throughout our relationship you will be held and encouraged to rest, create supportive boundaries, and have someone cheering you on and nudging you to drink more water (yes, it’s a thing).

While the structure is there to provide a scaffolding of energetic safety, this is your unique experience, and our coach/client relationship will be as individualized as you and your pregnancy journey.

What’s Included:

  • One 75-minute Intake session and One 60-minute session every other week for 12 weeks via Zoom. (6 sessions total)
  • 24/7 email and text support
  • Email Support and guidance full of: 
    • Herbal Tea recipes and Essential Oil suggestions 
    • Journal prompts and contemplative exercises 
    • Recipes, supplement and good guidance to support you and your baby 
    • Mindfulness, Breath-work, Meditation, yoga & Self Care Exercises
    • Suggested Reading (books & articles)

$750 if paid in full ($250/mo for 3 months)

stay in the know about future classes & Specialized programming to support all of who you are.

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