What is The Art of

Self Preservation?

A 4-week experiential program combining live teachings, yoga, somatic practices, meditation and purge emotional writing.

So WHAT is Self Preservation?

self-pres·er·va·tion /ˈˌself ˌprezərˈvāSHən/ noun
The basic human instinct to keep yourself safe from physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

This program is dedicated to your re-membering, your immeasurable joy, and the cultivation of the most grounded, focused, turned on version of you.

You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again “no one is coming to save you.” The level of healing that will rewrite the story of generations still vibrating in your cells begins with small steps done consistently over time. It begins with your choice, your breath, your tears, your own touch and in a synchronized circle of energetic kin.

Together we will explore the 7 core themes over the 4-weeks together designed to expand our capacity for:

  • The Root- Safety, boundaries and belonging

  • The Womb – Creativity and pleasure

  • The Core – Identity and power

  • The Heart – Love and attachment

  • The Voice – Authentic self expression

  • The Mind – Wisdom and intuition

  • The Soul – Connection to the Divine

Building a toolbox for energetic and spiritual recovery, and allowing ourselves to move through womanhood and all that comes with it with grace, presence and unshakable trust in ourselves.

*Recommended tools for the session: a yoga mat, a block or book to support balance, a blanket or towel for joint support, a journal and pen.

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