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Yoga & Meditation for pregnancy, postpartum and reproductive health. 

Therapeutic Yoga,

Virtual Group Classes

As a birth worker and yoga teacher with advanced training (RYT-500) in therapeutic, vinyasa and hatha style yoga, I often craft classes with the female form in mind and from the lense of functioning optimally in a mothering body. Class formats vary from 30-, 45-, 60-, and 75-minute classes and longer form workshops that are more specific and focused in nature. Current class offerings and schedule can be found in the TaKisha August online studio platform HERE

Pre + PostnatalYoga,

Intimate Group Classes

During pregnancy and the sacred postpartum window, your ability to connect with your body can be the difference between you advocating for your health, choosing nourishing relationships and lacking the confidence to set self preserving boundaries. Developing a strong yoga and meditation practice before and after baby can support you in birthing your baby as you intended, relieving common pregnancy discomforts, easing stress and anxiety of the unknown and both ready and heal the body when it’s baby’s time to be born and once you settle in for the first time after birth at home. Your “Perinatal” yoga practice also means improved sleep, more patience, and a deeper relationship with yourself and those around you. 
Pre + Postnatal classes are offered in an 8-week series format that offers movement, meditation, community and body literacy education that either prepares you for birth or helps you to heal postnatally.

stay in the know about future classes & Specialized programming to support all of who you are.

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