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Takisha august

During our time together over the course of many weeks, we will cultivate a path for your own unique journey toward clarity, confidence, self-trust, and energetic recalibration. 

Because your experiences are unique, the trajectory of our sessions will depend on your individual goals and health history. 

Throughout our relationship you will be energetically held, encouraged and guided through the process of listening to your body, identifying your intuitive nature, deep rest, create supportive boundaries, embody the healing of attachment wounds, and have someone cheering you on and nudging you to honor your own desires.

While the structure is there to provide a scaffolding of safety, this is your unique experience, and our coach/client relationship will be as individualized as the stories that have created your own lived experiences.

This incredible soul has lit up my life in so many ways it’s hard to put into words. Her space holding. Her ability to listen and really truly hear your soul. Her smile. Her knowing nods. She has a tool, a guidance, a light for everything you bring her and more. Ive felt so held, seen and heard by her…for the past year as I journeyed not just literally across oceans but across thresholds of my soul’s being into motherhood through her guidnace in her business Momkynd. She is pure soul, Pure wisdom. pure joy. And I feel beyond honoured to have her within my support circle.

Danielle B.

New Mama & Founder of The Daisy Patch

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